PINCA came up as an idea from the necessity to connect the expertise of professionals looking for short-term work assignments, with the needs of businesses and individuals for services delivered in a short time and cost effectively. Our professionals provide different services in the domestic and international market, taking advantage of the competitive edge that the Albanian labor market has compared to developed ones, without compromising the quality and standards of these services.

PINCA is also a very good opportunity for students looking for involvement in projects delivered through expert teams, where they can get the knowledge and experience necessary for the beginning of their career.



Our professionals work remotely, at the time and place that best increases their work pleasure and performance.


Businesses can chose to collaborate with one professional or with a team of experts, customized to fulfill all the specifics of the assignment


Services are assigned to the best professionals, without paying for the fixed costs of their full time employment (rent, electricity, etc)


Services are performed according to the required specifics, at a very high quality and according to the best standards of the industry

In 2019 PINCA was selected among IDEA certified business plans

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