According to the latest statistics, over 50% of American business employees can do their work very well remotely. According to Forbes, this boosts their performance and productivity by 40%, increases staff retention and profitability rates for companies. On average, businesses save 21% more when their staff works remotely.
But working from home, is not beneficial to companies only. Individuals as well list a large number of advantages of remote work, some of them below:

⦁ Remote working increases pleasure and profitability
When working at the time, place or room that best fits their choice, employees have more chances of being productive, satisfied and comfortable during working hours.

⦁ Work from home is not just for introverts
It often happens that we start the day well, with positive energy, with a walk in the sun, to end up working in front of a colleague who can’t stop talking, complains about everything, or mentions all the things we wouldn’t want to hear in the morning. That is sufficient for our mood to break down, our productivity to drop and our time to get wasted. Working from home, provides the advantage of choosing the company we need in order to increase productivity, by avoiding exaclty these unnecessary conversations with the colleagues.

⦁ Remote work equals freedom
No more rushing to catch the morning schedule, or ironing the suit, dress, cleaning shoes, packing for the whole day. As lazy as it may sound, you can do the work from home even lying down, with your comfortable clothes, with the equipment you have at home and most of the time, even in the schedule of choice

⦁ Social aspects
If you work from home, you don’t need to schedule the time to meet your family, or take care of your children or elderly parents. You are there with them and can chose the appropriate time of work to make everyone happy.

⦁ Your finances will be very thankful
We all can relate to waking up every morning to buy a coffee cup or having one with our colleagues, than pay for the car parking space, the lunch delivery and other indispensable expenses for a normal day at the office, or even the babysitter, dry cleaning, etc.

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