The 21st century brought a revolution in the field of information technology, with information traveling faster and the world population being united more than ever, regardless of location. Living in this era is considered to be one of the greatest fortunes, and if we were to quote the most prominent business minds, "This is the best time to be alive."
And if for modern geniuses living in this century means solving many of humanity's problems, from inequality to global nutrition or global warming, in this blog we will only focus on the possibility that technology gives each of us to at least change our reality.
Today, if you have a computer and internet access, you can change everything and absolutely do wonders. From creating a simple blog, to selling products online, or writing books, doing online work or creating genuine Youtube streams. All of this can be done during leisure time and can generate enough income to cover all of your average monthly expenses. Many of these activities can even overlap, for example: having a cooking blog and a Youtube channel simultaneously.
Të gjitha këto mund të bëhen në kohën e lirë dhe mund të gjenerojnë të ardhura të mjaftueshme për të mbuluar të gjitha shpenzimet mesatare mujore. Shumë prej tyre mund edhe të mbivendosen, psh: pasja e një blogu për gatimet dhe një kanali në Youtube ku flitet për to.
The advantages of creating an online business are:

You can review your webpage, sell your products or keep up with your social networks after your working hours, at free time or during weekend. This flexibility provides the possibility to create content, maintain the main business idea and at the same time increase the pleasure of doing what we like.

Everyone can create an online business. You can work as a doctor or banking professional during the day and afterwards you can post advice on a healthy lifestyle, or sell ticket concerts and domain names online. Everyone can be anything, without the need to disrupt their normal business routine.

⦁Side income
Having an online business is an opportunity that, at the worst case, will not generate the expected revenue. If it is well thought out and organized in such a way that the costs are minimal, you may not occur any losses, only the time you spent on it.

⦁ Independence
There’s nothing better than working where and when you decide to by doing what you like the most and being paid for it.

⦁ Speed and coverage
Online products and services can be sold globally, within a very short time. The market is not geographically limited and this creates larger opportunities for a positive outcome compared to the traditional way of doing business on-site.

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